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Wanderlust Parenthood: Embracing Adventure and Exploration with Kids



Introducing Wanderlust Parenthood: A Journey of Adventure and Exploration

Welcome to Wanderlust Parenthood, a blog dedicated to all the adventurous parents out there who love to travel with their kids! We're here to provide you with tips, ideas, printables, and inspiration for your next family adventure.

Once you are bitten by the wanderlust bug, you begin to realize that traveling is not a luxury, but a lifestyle. We believe that exploring the world with your little ones is not only possible but also incredibly rewarding. The wanderlust parenthood is a concept that all parents can embrace, no matter the type of travel, the length of your adventure or how far you go, wanderlust parents find any opportunity to travel and explore.

We are here to help parents in every situation. If you are trying to travel on a budget, or are looking for help creating a road trip itinerary, we have you covered! We are focused on bringing families helpful and useful information to help you begin traveling regularly with your family. My goal is to help parents embrace wanderlust parenthood.

Destinations and protecting our environment

My kids and I are currently taking a 17-day road trip every year to a different state, and we are gathering information about different destinations from all over the United States! I hope to some day begin traveling abroad to different countries. I would love to visit Ireland and Iceland eventually and want to learn more about international travel.

Due to some health issues, I faced in 2020 and again in 2022, my plans to travel abroad were hindered, but being a wanderlust parent, I could not allow that to stop me from exploring! Along with traveling around the United States, we are blessed to live in the beautiful state of Colorado. With so many beautiful places surrounding us, we have many options of weekend trips and day trips all around the state! Not only are we lucky to live in Colorado, but we are also lucky to live on the western slope, bordering Utah. This means that we will be sharing a lot of information about destinations around Colorado and Utah, along with destinations all over the United States. I hope soon I will be able to travel abroad, but for now, I continue my wanderlust journey in any way possible!

As wanderlust parents, it is our responsibility to also teach our kids certain things while traveling. Teaching them about safety, respecting the cities and locals in the areas they visit, and most importantly, leaving no trace. We are big advocates of cleaning up trash while hiking or exploring the beach, and we try to be considerate about the impact of our travel on the surrounding environment. With the Instagram and TikTok era, destinations have been destroyed by tourism and lack of respect by people traveling to these incredible destinations. As a wanderlust parent, I would like to inform other traveling parents of how we can do our part to protect these national treasures and to also pass on those morals to our kids.

Embracing the Wanderlust Parenthood Lifestyle

I understand that traveling may come with some challenges. We've all dealt with fighting kids, and we all deal with the budget and cost associated with travel. I will be sharing some ways to help ease these stressful situations for parents that have a desire to travel. When you begin embracing wanderlust parenthood, you begin to embrace all of the storm that comes with it, and you ride the waves as they come. Flexibility, patience, and some helpful tips can really go a long way while you're traveling!

Let's begin the journey to wanderlust parenthood and wander on!