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Choosing the Perfect Road Trip Style for Your Family

4/21/20243 min read

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Different Types of Road Trips for Families

Not all road trips are the same, and not all families are the same. Different styles of road trips may be more suitable for your family, depending on their preferences and the type of adventure they seek. Learning your family's road trip style can help improve the experience while you travel and may help reduce some stress while you are on your road trip.

Single Destination Road Trips

A single-destination road trip involves traveling to one specific location and spending the majority of your time there. This style of road trip is ideal for families who want to fully immerse themselves in a particular destination and take the time to explore it thoroughly.

1. Focus on One Destination

With a single-destination road trip, your family can focus on one place and make the most of your time there. Whether it's a beach vacation, a national park adventure, or a visit to a bustling city, you can dive deep into the attractions and activities that the destination has to offer. This allows for a more relaxed and immersive experience, as you don't have to rush from one place to another. It also allows you to really visit a set location. If you decide to travel to Yellowstone, for example, you can easily spend one week exploring that area alone.

2. Quick Stops to Break Up the Drive

While the main focus of a single-destination road trip is the final destination, it doesn't mean that the journey itself has to be boring. You can plan stops along the way to break up the drive and make it more enjoyable for everyone. These stops will typically be quick stops that can include scenic viewpoints, interesting landmarks, roadside attractions, or small towns with unique attractions. We love to find unique roadside stops along our routes and will always stop for a good selfie opportunity!

3. Flexibility in Itinerary

One of the advantages of a single-destination road trip is the flexibility it offers in terms of your itinerary. Since you are not bound by a strict schedule or the need to reach multiple destinations, you can adjust your plans according to your family's preferences and interests. If you discover a hidden gem or a must-visit attraction during your trip, you have the freedom to make spontaneous changes to your itinerary.

Multiple Destination Road Trips

A multiple destination road trip, on the other hand, involves visiting multiple locations during your journey. This style of road trip is perfect for families who want to cover more ground and experience a variety of destinations and attractions. Here are some pieces of a multiple destination road trip that may fit your family's travel style.

1. Explore Different Places

With a multiple destination road trip, your family has the opportunity to explore different places and experience a diverse range of landscapes, cultures, and attractions. From national parks to historical sites, from charming small towns to vibrant cities, you can create an itinerary that includes a mix of destinations that cater to everyone's interests. This variety adds excitement and adventure to your road trip.

2. Time Management and Planning

Since you will be visiting multiple destinations, careful time management and planning are crucial for a successful multiple-destination road trip. You need to consider the distance between each location, the time spent at each destination, and the driving time required to reach the next stop. This requires more detailed itinerary planning and coordination to ensure that you make the most of your time and cover all the places you want to visit. If you are planning your trip and you LOVE to plan, schedule, and organize, you will love the planning process of this type of trip. If your family struggles with strict schedules, it may not be the road trip style for your family. However, I do have tips for families that struggle with schedules, and you can enjoy this style of road trip with some practice!

3. Variety in Accommodations and Dining

Another aspect that sets multiple-destination road trips apart is the opportunity to experience different accommodations and dining options. Depending on the locations you visit, you can stay in a variety of accommodations, such as hotels, vacation rentals, or even camping sites. Similarly, you can explore different cuisines and local delicacies as you travel from one place to another. This can be more costly than a single-destination trip, but it is possible to keep it budget friendly by including camping days, cheap Airbnb options and planning stays in less costly cities and towns.

Stay tuned for more in-depth tips on how to plan a single-destination road trip and a multiple-destination road trip. I am also working on adding itinerary printables that you can use to begin planning your next journey! I hope this inspires you to try a road trip with your family!